2021 Conference: November 11-14 

This year’s theme will be “Resilient By Nature” and will focus on the resilience of the natural world around us as well as the resilience of naturalists. The theme also focuses on adaptation and being opportunistic in an ever changing environment. Last year has thrown us many challenges and new insights - and this year is all about taking those challenges to continue to grow and adapt to create new strengths.

Registration for this year's MNA conference will open on Monday, October 18th at 12pm (noon) and will close on Monday, November 8th at 5pm!

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Conference schedule:

Friday, November 12
In-person field trip to historic Shepard Farm

Virtual Keynote Presentation: 'Nazhike-awaasang' Bradley E. Harrington

Virtual JackBox Games

Saturday, November 13

In-person Conference at Dodge Nature Center

Sunday, November 14

Virtual Concurrent Sessions

"Choose Your Own Adventure"


Photo Contest

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Upcoming events

    • November 12, 2021
    • (CST)
    • November 14, 2021
    • (CST)

    Welcome to our 2021 MNA Conference! This year's conference is a little different than previous years, as it is hybrid with part of it being in-person and part virtual with no overnight stays.

    On Friday, November 12th we will start with our in-person field trip to historic Shepard Farm, which is located in Cottage Grove and is managed by Dodge Nature Center.

    We will later kick off the official conference on the evening of Friday, November 12th with a virtual keynote presentation by Bradley E. Harrington titled "The Spiritual History of the Anishinaabe. A virtual JackBox games session will follow.

    Saturday, November 13th will be in-person at Dodge Nature Center in West Saint Paul and will contain a large bulk of the standard conference items such as the discussion session, workshop session, 2 concurrent sessions, and in-person extras such as a site tour and a bonfire/social time.

    On Sunday November 14th, our conference will continue, however it will be fully virtual this day and will include the member meeting and 2 additional virtual concurrent sessions.

    We will wrap up this year's conference with an optional "Choose Your Own Adventure," in which folks can sign up to lead activities in their area or join someone else's activity.

    This year for registration, you will have the option to sign up for the full conference (including the virtual stuff on Friday and Sunday and the in-person stuff on Saturday), or if you would prefer, you can just sign up for the virtual part (Friday and Sunday). 

    For more information on the specific sessions occurring each day, please see our conference guide

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